Our first load of relief supplies were delivered Wednesday morning in Patzibal.  The Methodist Church in Patzibal is serving as our distribution center for the villages of Paquixic, Paxot, Patulup, and Pocohil, which are currently difficult to access.  Our program leaders from those communties (Tomas Ramos, Tomas Riquiac, Juan Ixtan, and Angel Salvador) met Amilcar Solorzano, Fausto Natareno, and teachers from the John Wesley School to receive food and water.  The leaders returned to their villages to distribute the supplies.  Items distributed included purified water, black beans, pasta, and rice.

Loading water for Pocohil at the John Wesley School

Angel loading water for Pocohil at the John Wesley School


Fausto Natareno delivering food in Patzibal

Pastor Juan Ixtan in Patzibal to pick up supplies for Patulup

Today our staff will attempt to reach Chontala to distribute supplies there.  After talking with Amilcar yesterday, it appears that these distributions may need to be repeated on a weekly basis, at least for a while.

Most homes in Paquixic have been evacated due to unstable conditions and lack of potable water.  Many people are sick from drinking contaminated water.  Village residents are now temporarily living in churches in Chichicastenango.  Pastor Tomas Ramos of Paquixic and his entire family is living in the Methodist Church in Chichi along with 40 others.

The initial delivery of supplies was mich appreciated.  Angel was up until midnight last night distributing food in Pocohil.  As of today we have raised $754 towards general relief supplies; our immediate target is $1,000, but this will probably grow.  Please consider joining us in this effort by making a donation now.

Getting water from broken pipes

Getting water from broken pipes in Patulup

Destroyed home in Patulup

Destroyed home in Patulup

Shelter in Patulup

Shelter in Patulup

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