by Mark Ely

On July 6, representatives from the John Wesley School delivered more relief supplies to 32 families we identified in June as still needing support.  Supplies were received by 12 families in Pocohil and 20 families in Patulup.  Each family received the following:

* 5 bags of Maseca tortilla mix
* 4 cans of black beans
* 9 pounds of pasta
* 4 pounds of rice
* 6 pounds of sugar
* 3 pounds of oatmeal
* 3 pounds corn porridge
* 12 soup packets
* 12 rolls of toilet paper
* 2 pounds of salt
* 1 bag of candy
* 1 package bouillon
* 96 single-serving bags of water.

Things are improving slowly, but with the rainy season well underway, it is hard for these families to work what remains of their property.  Many areas are still without a reliable water supply.

We are looking into the possibility of rebuilding homes once the rainy season ends. Check back for updates.

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